Associazione Culturale "La Burela di Crociglia"

The Cultural Association “La Burela di Crociglia” was founded in March 2004.
The name of the Association comes from a round stone ("burela" in the local dialect) which is next to Crociglia's church and is the symbol of our cultural and popular roots.
"La Burela di Crociglia" is the result of a path started in 2001, when the families of our village decided to tax themselves to organise the St. Dominic Fair. This first experience gave birth to other initiatives.
Our Association also wants to participate to the conservation of memory, traditions and rural culture.
Many of the initiatives realised by our Association are now a tradition: St. Dominic Fair in August, St. Joseph Fair in March, the traditional theatre show in our local dialect.

La Burela di Crociglia

Associazione Culturale La Burela di Crociglia

Associazione Culturale “La Burela di Crociglia”
Piasö di Crociglia
27059 Zavattarello (Pavia - Italia)
Tel. 0383 589362
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