A ghost in the rooms

History and legend of Pietro dal Verme

Besides important historical facts, the Dal Verme Castle saw also numerous strange events that still remain without an explanation.
They are credited to the spirit of Pietro dal Verme, lord of this castle in the 15th century.

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Pietro was engaged to Chiara Sforza, the daughter of the mighty lord of Milan Galeazzo Maria: a wedding planned to unite two rich and powerful families of Northern Italy.
But Pietro fell in love with Cecilia Del Maino, daughter of the duchy's counsellor Andreotto. With him, Pietro began a negotiation to marry his beloved, but the Sforza family didn't like that: Galeazzo Maria arrested Pietro for disobedience, trying to convince him to marry Chiara. But in the end the man was released thanks to Federico da Montefeltro and also gained the consent to his marriage with Cecilia.
They lived together for a few years, until the premature death of the woman in 1479.
And since Chiara Sforza was still unmarried, in a short time the wedding between her and Pietro was celebrated.
But the contemporary historians say that the bride didn't accept to be the second choice: she never forgot she was refused a few years before, so she decided to take her revenge. Perhaps incited by her uncle Lodovico il Moro, who would have gained a lot from Pietro's death, Chiara murdered her husband.
They say that on 17th October 1485 the lady poisoned Pietro's breakfast, and he had no escape.
Here where history ends, the legend begins...
There are numerous witnesses telling about inexplicable facts happened in the rooms of the castle of Zavattarello: moved chairs, eerily opened doors, scores disappeared during concerts, frightful sounds, male voices without a face.
On these things are investigating the paranormal researchers. In 2013 hesperya made several surveys inside the rooms of the castle and were able to record suspicious anomalies. In 2014 the researchers of Idp Melegnano started their scientific data collection.
Their results are just the beginning...

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