The Mysteries of the Castle

10th Edition
Spring 2018

I Misteri del Castello di Zavattarello: oserete attraversare quella porta, sapendo che si richiuderà dietro di voi?

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From 6.30pm Mystery Tour, a voyage to discover the places of the legends and the inexplicable happenings.
(Tours start every 50 minutes until late night)

From the legends, to the strange happenings, to the investigations of the paranormal researchers, dive for one night in the mysteries of the Castle of Zavattarello, linked to a famous murder.
The legend tells that Pietro Dal Verme, poisoned by his second wife Chiara Sforza on 17th October 1485, is the presence that haunts the rooms of the ancient fortress.
Several inexplicable facts happened inside the castle during its long history: from these facts, the paranormal researchers made scientific investigations to discover more. And, because of the results, the surveys are going on.
During the night, the participants will be guided to the special Mystery Tour, to discover the places of the legend and the strange happenings. Not a classical guided tour to tell the history and appreciate the architecture of the ancient fortress, but a real journey to discover its mysterious and obscure side.
A path that will lead you along each room of the castle in a special show: be cautious because behind every corner a surprise might be waiting...

Discover more about the Mystery Tour

The Mystery Tour

Enhanced experience

More engaging voyage inside the whole castle.

A cold night of October many centuries ago.
An historical poisoning,
that also became legend.
A series of inexplicable happenings.
A journey to discover them.

The Mystery Tour is an emotional experience, a theatre play, a path in time and space, on the border between suggestion and reality.
Is going to be hard to distinguish between them: closed inside and ancient fortress, separated from the world outside, in a place where past and present merge, accompanied by people who came out of the Medieval Ages to mix with other from our present.
Beware: as Hemingway said, "It is awfully easy to be hard-boiled about everything in the daytime, but at night it is another thing".
In such an emotional place, accompanied by the protagonists of the most mysterious tales, it can be hard to tell suggestion out of reality.
So we suggest you to follow the traced path and join this adventure with an open mind and ready for surprises.

The Mystery Tour is an emotional experience, a theatre play, a path in time and space, on the border between suggestion and reality.

With the participation of

Giorgio Bagliani - The knight outside time
Marco Bagnarino - Gentleman of the court
Alessia Barbieri - Lady of the court
Barbara Bombelli - Lady of the court
Luca Bombelli - Pietro dal Verme
Raffaella Calorio - Lady of the court
Serena Corradi - The prisoner
Elisabetta Mugavero - Pietro's mistress
Daniele Pistone - The herald
Giuseppe Pistone - The inquisitor
Sara Rossi - The paranormal researcher
Veronica Russo - Chiara Sforza
Fulvio Tedeschi - The servant Bruno
Martino Tenconi - The castle guard
Elisa Vignolo - The heretic

Scenes - Serena Corradi
Scenic and technic advisors - Giuseppe e Daniele Pistone

Mystery Tour, May 2015: the actors