Oltrepò Pavese, with its 16000 hectares in vineyards, is unique in Italy for the production of D.O.C. certified wines: maybe it is not a coincidence that the geographical conformation of this land reminds of a wine grape.
Oltrepò Pavese is peculiar for the importance and characteristics of its producionts. These hills are the third area in Italy for the production of certified wines, both for vineyards hectares (after Chianti and Asti area) and for litres of wine produced (source: Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò). It is also the first wine production area in Lombardy, where the 63% of the land has vineyards, and it produces the 55% of wine of the whole region.
The most common vine varieties are Croatina (4.000 hectares), Barbera (3.000), Pinot Nero (almost 3.000), Riesling (1.500), Moscato (500). But we have other vine varieties that, even though less cultivated, have an important role for their quality: Uva Rara, Vespolina, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Malvasia, Cortese, Sauvignon, Cabernet Sauvignon and Mornasca.

The wines of Oltrepo Pavese have the D.O.C. and D.O.C.G. certifications, because of their high quality.
The wine production of Oltrepò Pavese with quality certifications consists of:

  • 1 D.O.C.G. (Oltrepò Pavese Metodo Classico);
  • 7 D.O.C. (Bonarda dell'Oltrepò Pavese, Buttafuoco dell'Oltrepò Pavese, Casteggio, Oltrepò Pavese, Oltrepò Pavese Pinot grigio, Pinot nero dell'Oltrepò Pavese and Sangue di Giuda dell'Oltrepò Pavese);
  • 1 I.G.T. (Provincia di Pavia).