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Walks, horse riding, sports, cultural events, laboratories dedicated to ancient traditions, activities for children: in Zavattarello you can find a lot of different things to do.

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The official soccer field of the local team Zavattarello F.C. is in Moline, and a second one is in via Berlinguer, where the municipal sport facilities are.
More info: La Pizze...ria, tel. 0383 589315.

The Parrish soccer field is in Via della Chiesa, behind St. Paul Church. Next to is, you can find the municipal Palasport, a place not only for the local schools sport activities, but also for events.
More info: St. Paul Parrish, tel. 0383 589120


Around the Parrish soccer field in Via della Chiesa you can find a free access skating path.
More info: St. Paul Parrish, tel. 0383 589120

Tennis court

The municipal sport facilities have a tennis court, where you can also follow lessons with qualified teachers.
More info: La Pizze...ria, tel. 0383 589315.


The municipal swimming pool, 25 m wide, is surrounded by nature, among fields and woods.
More info: La Pizze...ria, tel. 0383 589315.

"Quadrifoglio Fitness" Gym

In Via Vittorio Emanuele 24 you can find the "Quadrifoglio Fitness" Gym. It organises several fitness lessons, yoga and dance courses, both for adults and children. It has also a centre with sauna, solarium, massagges.
More info: mob. 339 2758511,

Gym and martial arts lessons

The Gym of the Retirement Home hosts Tai Chi Chuan and Anti-gymnastic courses.
More info:
Tai Chi Chuan: Ljuba Maria Russo, mob. 328 6668010,
Anti-gymnastic: Wanda Lorenzoni, mob. 392 3590378

Grass skiing and mountainboard

Born in the 60s in Germany, the grass skiing is ski on grass slope. For this, you use "traked skates".
On the “Renzo Gallini” slope in Casamatti di Romagnese, not far from Zavattarello, you can practice this sport: this slope obtained the FISI certificate.
Here you can also practice the mountainboard, with a board that is an hybrid between snowboard and skateboard. The force of this sport is that you can practice it anywhere: on grass, earth, asphalt, gravel... Not only on fields or ski slopes, but also on roads and paths. As in the snowboard, the mountainboard has different specialisations: freestyle, freeride, boardercross, downhill. You can also use the force of wind with a kite sail.

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Winter sports

Not far from Zavattarello you can find the sci slope of the Penice Pass, on the homonym mountain. Here you can practice not only ski and snowboard. You can do excursions following different paths leading to “Tre Passi”, 1100 metres above the sea level: here you can experience a breathtaking panorama. You can also rent a snowmobile.

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The Parrish soccer field, the skating path and the Palasport
The municipal swimming pool, with a view on the castle
Tai Chi Chuan
Grass skiing
The Renzo Gallini ski slope, for winter and summer sports

Walks and paths

The Goose Game Path and the Enchanted Forest

In the 79 hectares of the Park of the Dal Verme Castle you can follow several paths. Different from the others are the Goose Game Path and the Enchanted Forest, enriched with little surprises.
In the Goose Game Path you can find games, flowerbeds and decorations realised by our school children, along a path that from the main square circles the hill to reach the castle. Gym equipments make it a proper health path.
a proper entrance door among the trees leads you to the Enchanted Forest, where gnomes, fairies and little people live. Thanks to the passion of Virgilio and Fausta of the Memories Museum "Magazzino dei Ricordi", it is possible to visit this magical place and organise activities linked to the respect of nature and the discovery of woods.

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The St. Columba Path

The "Via S.ti Columbani" follows the history of St. Columba, the Irish monk who founded the monastery of Bobbio. This path is the one followed by the Bobbio monks in 929, when they moved the Saint's body to Pavia, spending the first night of their trip in Zavattarello.
The actual pilgrimage way is cured by the Association "Le Campanelle di San Colombano"

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The Tidone river path

From Moline you can begin the 50km of the Tidone river path, on foot, by bike or on horseback. You can discover the beauty of various landscapes of the Tidone Valley, reaching the Po river passing next to the Dam and several interesting localities.

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Paths in the Comunità Montana

What you can meet in the Goose Game Path and Enchanted Forest
Following the paths of Zavattarello
The Tidone Valley Dam, that you can meet following the Tidone river path, in an aerial photo by Flavio Chiesa

For children

The playground

With a view on the surrounding hills and the fresh shadows of the trees, not far from the municipal swimming pool you can enjoy the municipal playground for children, fully fenced. Different games let the children have fun, while adults can relax in the nature.

The "Magazzino dei Ricordi" laboratories

Thw Museum "Magazzino dei Ricordi" offers different laboratories to discover ancient activities: you can learn how to prepare biscuits or bread, realise artistic vases with colored sand, produce handmade paper, try ancient cultivation techniques and more.
The laboratories are conceived for children, families and also adults who want to try manual activities.

Laboratories in the Museum Magazzino dei Ricordi

By night

Milleluci Disco

Since 1974 in Zavattarello is open the Milleluci Disco: known also as "Il Mille", this is one of the most long-lasting disco clubs in the province. It organises events for any kind of public, as the traditional celebration of the "Coscritti" at the end of August.

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Evenings in the bar, restaurants and pubs of Zavattarello

The bar, restaurants and pubs of the town organise evenings of music and fun for anybody: dinners under the stars, special appetizers, live music and more.

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Raf in concert, July 2014. Discover the events of Zavattarello in the dedicated page