By car, by bike, on foot or on horseback, the land around Zavattarello can be explored how you prefer.

Suggested itineraries

The Tidone river path

From Moline you can begin the 50km of the Tidone river path, on foot, by bike or on horseback. You can discover the beauty of various landscapes of the Tidone Valley, reaching the Po river passing next to the Dam and several interesting localities.

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The St. Columba Path

The "Via S.ti Columbani" follows the history of St. Columba, the Irish monk who founded the monastery of Bobbio. This path is the one followed by the Bobbio monks in 929, when they moved the Saint's body to Pavia, spending the first night of their trip in Zavattarello.
The actual pilgrimage way is cured by the Association "Le Campanelle di San Colombano".

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Paths in the Comunità Montana

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By car or motorbyke

The Wine and Food Road of the Oltrepò Pavese crosses the land between the Po river, the provinces of Alessandria and Piacenza and the Appennino mountains, going from the plains to the sweet hills and reaching higher mountains. The geography of these lands is the main reason of specific culinary traditions, with unique recipes.

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Famous mainly among bikers, the Val Tidone State Road, former named ss412, leading to the Penice Pass from Milan: it winds among green landscapes full of castles, boroughs, mills.
This is the road we suggest to reach Zavattarello.

By bike

The roads of Oltrepò Pavese, rich in slopes, are ideal for a complete training: the paradise of cyclists, alone or in groups. The towns often organise cycling events or challenges among beautiful lands.
One of the suggested itineraries is the Oltrepo Pavese ring, a gratifying way, with not so difficult slopes.

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It is very important to respect the road rules and pay attention, mainly during the weekend and more traffic congested days.

Cycling itineraries in the Comunità Montana Oltrepò Pavese.

On foot

Numerous paths in green lands are suitable for anybody, having various lenghts and difficulties.
The Park of the Dal Verme Castle has several paths, among which the Enchanted Forest and the Goose Game Path, with numerous surprises for adults and children.

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Different paths lead you to discover a wider land, even with several days long walks: it is even possible to reach the sea on foot.

Itineraries on foot in the Comunità Montana Oltrepò Pavese
The Sea Path

On horseback

One of the bast way to dive into the nature of Zavattarello and Oltrepò Pavese is on horseback. You can ride with ASD "La Rovere" or Agriturismo "La Valle", organising various excursions, with different difficulties and lenght.

Itineraries on horseback in the Comunità Montana Oltrepò Pavese
Agriturismo "La Valle"
ASD "La Rovere"