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Uno dei sentieri nei boschi di Zavattarello

The gentle profiles of Oltrepò Pavese invite to be slow, to calmly observe woods, vineyards, farmhouses, to walk slowly, to communicate with man and nature. In this region the landscape is protagonist, the typical panorama of the Appennini, with its interlace of hills and valleys and a tick net of roads.
In such a small land you can find a variety of landscapes, an abundance of natural environments, agriculture and typical products.
Because of its variety and its natural charm, this landscape is ideal for people loving the mildness of hills or more wild environments.
Any way you chose, you will unlikely be disappointed: fertile fields, wooded slopes, precious vineyards, ancient villages on the hills, castles from a far past, surprises behind every turn.

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The Park of the Dal Verme Castle

The 79 hectares around the fortress that dominates the town are now the Park of the Dal Verme Castle.
All the Park area, for its position and peculiar characters, has a great environmental and historical importance.
Various paths can lead you to the discovery of the woods. A must see, the Goose Game Path (Goose Game Path) and the Enchanted Forest (Bosco Incantato).

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The signal at the entrance of the Park

The Enchanted Forest

A path inside the Park is different from the others: a proper entrance door among the trees leads you to the Enchanted Forest, where gnomes, fairies and little people live.
This is a magical place to discover, where you can find games and activities linked to the respect of nature and the discovery of woods.

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Un suggestivo scorcio del Bosco Incantato

The Goose Game Path

In the Goose Game Path you'll find games, flowerbeds and decorations realised by the children of our schools with the guide of ChiCercaCrea, along a path beginning from Piazza Dal Verme and circling the hill to reach the castle.
Gym equipments make this place a proper health path, to be walked to train in the typical local calm. This is the ideal place to relax, deep inside nature with the company of the little surprises prepared by the children of Zavattarello.

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Il Goose Game Path