Living Christmas Crib in the Medieval borough

The Living Christmas Crib of Zavattarello celebrates Christmas with a special representation, in the Medieval borough "Su di Dentro". The first event of its kind in the province of Pavia, since 2001 it's a not-to-miss appointment for Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.
We recreate the birth of Jesus with a reenactment of the life as it used to be in our valley in ancient times: inside the 13th century houses, along Medieval roads, with ancient still working tools from the Memories' Museum "Magazzino dei Ricordi", we step back in time to relive our past. Peculiar feature of this Christmas crib is its animation, letting you have an active participation.


on 24th December from 9.30pm
(then, Midnight Holy Mass with the reenactors)
on 26th December from 5pm

Living Christmas Crib of Zavattarello: the Nativity is the peak of a path along our past During the Living Christmas Crib of Zavattarello you can taste homemade bread, cheese and more...

A truly living Christmas Crib

This is a Living Christmas Crib where you can be active protagonist. Each scene, along a path towards the Nativity, is a living representation of Zavattarello once upon a time.
It seems to step back in time, not only as a spectator, but as full part of those ancient everyday activities.

When we think about a living Christmas crib, we have before our eyes the image of a group of people dressed as the holy protagonists of the Nativity of Jesus. They reproduce His birth like the statues whe have in our homes. In Zavattarello, though, the reenactors choose a different way: the animation.

This is the peculiarity of this living Christmas crib, that animates the holidays with its truly living activity. Here visitors can really fell part of this ancient world: everybody can taste the freshly baked bread, drink the local wine, touch the wool from the sheeps...
This is our way to celebrate the Nativity of Jesus, together with you who can come not only to see our reenactment, but also to be part of it.

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A suggestive Medieval location

The Medieval borough under the Dal Verme Castle is the location of the dozens of activities which are recreated during this living Christmas crib. The scenes take place in their most suitable seat, among the roads and houses of a 13th century borough which preserves its Medieval soul, made of winding roads.
The owners are glad to open the Medieval stone houses to reenactors and visitors: here you can see the baker preparing bread in the ancient public oven, a tavern inside a wine-flavoured cellar, the Roman senator with his family in a noble palace...
Entering these houses and walking along the roads, you can see how small are the changes in the original appearance of this place.

The "Magazzino dei Ricordi" Museum

Not only ancient costumes, not only places full of history, but also tools and furniture from the past: the “Magazzino dei Ricordi” Museum by Bruni Virgilio always lends its objects to fill the scenes and make this representation even more real.
All the numerous tools come back to their original life in the hands of people who are able to use them: each activity finds its still functioning instruments.
Another peculiarity of this unique Living Christmas Crib.

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You can see (and try!) the tools of the "Magazzino dei Ricordi" Museum all year long.
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A huge thank you!

Without the inhabitants' passion all this would never have been possible.
We have to say thank you to several people.
We thank not only the reenactors, but also the dressmakers, house owners, shepherds, the Parrish, the Town Hall, the "Magazzino dei Ricordi" Museum and the hundreds of people coming every year to see the reenacting.
The enthusiasm of each one contributes to our desire to go on with this event and improve it.

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